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Maximise profits and minimise tax

The Wynne & Co team are experienced and qualified in taking away the burden of tax affairs. We pride ourself in helping our clients maximise your profits whilst minimising their tax liabilities.

Wynne & Co will:

  • File your tax returns on time, ensuring they are fully compliant with tax legislation
  • Maximise your available reliefs
  • Plan with you for your future developments and transactions to ensure tax liabilities are mitigated wherever possible




“Wynne & Co have helped me through every step of my business, from helping me start up to looking after all the financial side of things. Without their professional & prompt service there is no way I would have been able to do it.”

Gary Jones, More than Loft Ladders

Leave it to us

Whether you have a sole trade, partnership or limited company you have worked hard to earn your money, so let us work hard to help you keep it. Our team work closely with you in order to really get to grips with your business and suggest the right course of action. By looking at your personal and business affairs as a whole we minimise your overall tax position by planning a strategy that is tailored to you.

With Wynne & Co, we go the extra mile. Throughout the year we will be constantly reviewing your tax affairs, personal circumstances and tax legislation to ensure that our advice is up to date and relevant.